A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Your name is Kazuto. You wake up in a dark room, with no memories but your name. There is a boy with you, but your heart is the only one you hear beating...

Based on the Webtoon Colorless Opacity by epic_new_moon

Warning: This game toes the lewd line.

This is our FIRST ever completed game! 

Install instructions

1. Download appropriate .zip file.

2. Extract the folder inside.

3. Look inside and play the game!!!


MyDarlingShadowKing-1.0-mac.zip 50 MB
MyDarlingShadowKing-1.0-pc.zip 68 MB


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That was... Interesting...

At least the art was good.

LMAO! Yeah, the art is mainly by @Naniku.art (insta) we stan her so much. Future games will be, ah, more realistic xD. Thank you so so so so so so SOOOOO MUCH for playing!!!!!